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Text Message Fundraising uses a mobile communication method known as SMS which is also known as a text message. Non profit organizations use SMS as a way to not only market their cause and gain awareness, but also to increase fundraising dollars. Its an efficient, economical, and environmental way to raise dollars for non profit organizations.

Think about how Mobile Giving can help you get millions of people, together quickly and motivate them to contribute to a single cause? If the Haiti earthquake, the Pakistani floods and Gulf oil cleanup are any indication, launch a call to action which can be actualized by the device that most people now have with them 24/7, their cell phone. The link between a call to action and taking action is now rendered almost instantaneous by way of the ability to make text donations through the cellphone. Donations are collected by the cellular carriers and remitted directly to the charity or non-profit completing the process of mobile giving.

A Text message campaign centers around "microdonations". A microdonation through texting is in the amount of $5 or $10 per donation, although multiple donations can be made at any one time to a maximum of $30 per month based on a person's cellphone number. Essential benefits of a microdonation campaign are threefold, where the aggregate of donations can be quite large and equal to traditional campaigns for the same time, effort and investment.

ZipGive offers new ways to fundraise - both small and large non profit organizations can implement text message and social media originated fundraising to increase donations. We live in a fast paced society that expects results quickly. Today's society looks to their social networks and mobile devices to get information in real time. It is therefore crucial that your non-profit organization has a presence in both mobile and social network worlds, and the means to monetize this presence.

WASHINGTON - Mobile giving initiatives do not cannibalize other fundraising channels such as online and direct mail, according to a panel at Nonprofit Mobile Day.

Cohosted by Mobile Marketer and the Direct Marketing Association, the conference offered best-practice tips and case studies related to mobile giving. The "Mobile Giving, Mobile Marketing or Both?" panel was moderated by John Styers, Kansas City, MO-based vice president of corporate strategy and industry relations at 3Cinteractive.

"Mobile giving does not jeopardize other forms of giving," said Christian Zimmern, vice president of the Mobile Giving Foundation, Washington. "People who donate via mobile are different from people who donate via online or traditional channels-mobile donors have a unique profile."